• Species Name: Panthera Leo x Panthera Tigris 
  • Weight: 700lbs to 1200lbs
  • Carnivore
  • Short Coat with tufted mane
  • Sterile depending on gender, cannot reproduce naturally.
  • Ligers are not naturally occuring within the wild and are a product of artificial selection. Due to this they sometimes have health problems and can continue to grow throughout their entire life reaching well over 1000 lbs.
  • Only found in Captivity
  • Ligers do not naturally occur in the wild and are only found within civilization as they are a product of artificial breeding between a male lion and a female tiger.
Not Applicable

Currently the Liger species in general is not listed by the IUCN Endangerment Rating. This is due to how Ligers are an artificial species created by artificial selection between a female tiger and a male lion. This species has never been found in the wild and only in captivity.